Relationship-Optimized Communication Course

In distributed organizations, or even those which co-locate to work but utilize technology for a significant portion of their communication, may find it challenging to feel connected with colleagues. To help, I created a mini-course to help learners analyze and evaluate forms of communication they are likely to use to enhance their relationships with co-workers.

The course uses responsive design to work on any device.

Screenshot of course contents page

The course features linear or non-linear navigation, but forces the learner to visit all content pages before attempting the scenario-based quizzes.

Screenshot of course medium page

Content slides feature attractive graphics along with voice narration and optional closed captioning.

Finally, each scenario slide provides real-time feedback for each answer choice. If I were to redeisgn this course, I would consider adding a pre-quiz at the beginning to help learners to self-evaluate their facility with navigating the various communications media at their disposal and whether their communications choices promote stronger relationships.

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